Invoking Shakti

Navarātri Storytelling and Sadhanā

Celebrating the 9 nights in honor of the Goddess


October 15th to 23rd 2023


An invocation is a calling into being and Shakti is a power that brings beauty and harmony.

Navarātri which means nine nights is a festival dedicated to Devī, the Goddess, the Mother and all-pervading Shakti. During this time the Goddess Durga who encompasses all forms of Devī spends nine days battling a multitude of demons the most celebrated episode being the slaying of Mahishasura – the Buffalo head demon.

The nine nights are divided into sets of three during which a particular aspect of the Divine Mother is meditated upon and the demons are understood as the wickedness of our own mind that the Goddess assists in eradicating.

By honoring Devī, the omnipresent cosmic energy permeating the whole existence, we honor ourselves and all of life. Indeed, we do not need to be empowered rather we simply need to remember the power that we are. Navarātri is an auspicious time that gives us an opportunity for a more tangible connection with that knowing.

Using the Devī Māhātmya  (the Glory of the Goddess), a seminal Goddess worship text from the 6th century as support we will explore the mythological stories of the coming into form of the Goddess and Her adventures as She slays demons as well as dive into practices to invoke Her Shakti.

This is an introduction, invitation to establish your first contact with the Divine Mother or continue to deepen a lifelong  an intimate relationship.


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2 live zoom calls
October 15th &  23rd 
7 to 8 pm CET


 5 recorded teachings and storytelling session

1. Preparation

What is Shakti?

Introduction to Navarātri

2. Night 1 of Navarātri

First Episode: The Birth of the Goddess

Practice: The 32 names of Durga - Durgādvātriḿśatnāmamālā

3.  Night 3 of Navarātri

  • Middle Episode: The Slaying of Mahishasura
  • Practice: Seven Verses in Praise of Durga - Sapta Ślokī Durga

4.  Night 6 of Navarātri

Last Episode: Victory over Raktabija and other demons

Practice: Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Hymn - Aparājitā Stotram

5.  Night 9 of Navarātri

Phalaśruti: Benefits of the practice