Mary Magdalene Pilgrimage


A Mystical Journey into the Mystery of the Rose




October 12th to 22nd  2024


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 We invite you on a pilgrimage of remembrance and returning home to who you truly are. Walking the Cathar trails and immersed in the energy field of Mary Magdalene we will re-awaken the wisdom of belonging to The Way of Love.

We welcome you to co-create a loving container of deep presence, ritual, and prayer honoring with reverence the remembrance of the Cathar tradition, its gentle simple way of life and the celebration of sacred codes to unfold the petals of the Rose.

Thousands of years ago, wise women and men, were gathering in circles to anchor the energy of love, beauty, pleasure and harmony with the Rose being the sacred symbol of the Goddess. They were wisdom keepers, messengers of the divine feminine and awakeners of the Rose medicine. Lost for centuries, this energy is reawakening in our world, and today we act as a custodian of this ancient wisdom whose purpose is to restore the balance of the masculine and feminine, through the sacred medicines of pleasure and beauty.

A long tradition holds, that Mary Magdalene was exiled from Palestine a decade or so after the life of Jesus and reached sanctuary in the South of France where she walked and shared the essence of the divine feminine. The local people of Occitania say it’s She who brought the “spirit” to Gaul and that along with John the Beloved transmitted the truth of Love and Grace in the region.

Following their footsteps and walking the land of the Cathar, we will initiate a journey filled with mystery and allow the magic of these ancient sacred sites to permeate our souls and connect deeply to the silent transmission held in the land.

Many of us have walked The Way of the Rose seeding the lay line with the codes of love. And as we sowed, we vowed to remember and come together once again to activate these sacred pathways. Spiraling on a journey of initiation, together we will unlock keys to our Divine essence and awaken our Heart from within to know Sophia – the inner wisdom- the feminine dance of gnosis.

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The pilgrimage is limited to 9 participants please apply promptly.



October 12th to 22nd 2024


 DAY 1 – Arrival in Marseille
DAY 2 – Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer
 DAY 3 – Bois de Nébias
 DAY 4 – Rennes-le-château and Magdalene Cave
DAY 5 –Rennes-les-bains
DAY 6 –Temple Day
DAY 7 – Gorges de Galamus  
 DAY 8 –  Pentagram
  DAY 9 – Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde Marseille
  DAY 10 – Sainte-Baume Mountain and Cave
  DAY 11 –Departure from Marseille