Feminine Embodiment & Yoni Egg Teachings
September 21st 2023 - Decembert 21st 2023


The Pleasure Temple Initiation is an invitation to enter the depth of your own wisdom & reveal the power of sexual energy. 

For generations, there has been heavy repression of sexual expression through societal conditioning. Over time, our natural life force or sexual energy has been stifled and in the process we have been disconnected from our primordial birthright of pleasure and fulfilment. 

An essential remembering of the feminine, this 3-month online course will provide you with maps to connect to the most intimate parts of yourself and the medicine of pleasure.

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5 Live zoom Temple Circle calls

Yoni egg practice e-book

8 Power of Shakti & Yoni egg videos

4 Teaching videos

12 downloadable guided meditation & their practice videos and access to them after the course

A community space to ask questions and get support

A nephrite jade egg (optional)

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For millennia, many ancient traditions throughout the world have celebrated the medicine of pleasure and the power of creation held in the womb and yoni (Sanskrit for vulva). The Taoists in China developed the Arts of the Bedchamber, the Nahuatls of Mesoamerica performed xihu coalt (snake fire) rituals to bring fertility to the land, Tantrikas in India revered the cosmic yoni, the Gnostics believed in divine union. A synthesis of these teachings, this online journey is a rite of passage, an initiation inviting you to move from one state of consciousness to the next. 

Using the jade egg as a sacred channel, we will explore the potential of our sexual energy as a catalyst force for transformation. Found in the creation myths of countless cultures and civilizations, the cosmic egg holds the universe, it is the core symbol of the divine feminine creative force.  The egg provides faith that the process is sacred and that we are remembering the essence of the divine feminine for future generations and ourselves.